It was...Like a Jam
You know...That kind of white stuff
Jam covered with snow...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Individuality in banality

So, I've made it. I wrote my exam and now I just have to wait until the results.
The good thing - bye history! Bad - not for long

Anyway, I've just realized that I hadn't have posted my pics for a long time, so enjoy!


  1. you are pretty honey.
    I'm back!!

  2. The title of this post reminds me of a quote I read some where. It's something like "even if you're different, you're still the same". Individuality is banality.

  3. you have the most beautiful hair :)
    love your scarf in the first one too! xx

  4. Hey :)

    You have such a simple sweetness to your blog, very warm and Spring-y. Nice. Happy Easter :)

  5. good luck with your exam. love the hair :)

  6. You remind me of Regina Spektor. :)

  7. beautiful photos! hope the exam went well!!

  8. ectually marika is a georgian name do u have georgian blood :))) because u reallly look alike georgian :))

    u are very nice and i really like your pics too :)):X


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