It was...Like a Jam
You know...That kind of white stuff
Jam covered with snow...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My own another simple morning...
Woke up real late...unfortunately couldn't smile...because so much pain in me..that's not right
I feel kind of lost in everything what is happening. Want to get it under control...

I've never thought that we could break up so soon..
Half a year and 5 days..
22 of March till 27 of September..
Best spring in my life.
Thank you...

Monday, September 28, 2009


Broken hearts and torn up letters, girl you just can't dance forever..

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Days are going. There is another week spend. School takes a lot of time.
I fixed my Itunes!xD really happy, I thought it's over for sure.

Have a great timetable to see my friends. I love timetables...because it means that I'm always busy. I love to be busy because I have no time to get bored. That's my philosophy)

I choose another kind of acting. I was such way and I've decided to get back to it. Like Audrey Hepburn said in her movie "Sabrina": now I'm the one he should catch.

I'm shopping a lot. aaah finally. I feel my self so confident and calm when I'm choosing something new. That moment I'm getting away from numerous problems.
Want to be reacher than I'm now...double fealing: I want and at the same time I think I'm not right.

Reading Werber book. He is awesome! Really deep and interesting things are written there. Talented and deepthinking person.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

City dark lights

Want to find a peaceful conner. Something cosy, warm and hopefull.
Have you ever thought about that?


Visit Karen Millen store. Gorgeous. Love that kind of stuff. It's for real ladies, not for some kind of childish jerks. Bought something for soul. Love shopping..Keeps me life!
And as I understood - crisis is over!

that one is mine

Monday, September 21, 2009

[No title]

Feel kind of lonely and lost. Yesterday I was sure in myself, in future, in everything and today I'm not sure even in my feelings..
What could I do to make everything change better?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Friends forever

Public park. Public nothing

Days are boring...nothing new, nothing interesting
No life.....

Want to be a part of something bigger, that I am now!
If I want - I get. hope that it will work again

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Starting with school.
Boring.Stupid.Too much homework.
When will they stop?? I'm fed up with this case, but it won't help me. I want my MSU faster.
But there is a bright side! New people, my best friend in one group and guys, who are watching us every break)

Next is a shopping crisis...
September always means a big waste of money. And that September is not an exception...I've got money for a stuff like school, lunch, bus, beauty salon and nooo more...Every time I've got money in my purse they flu away in no time!
Feel like poor...and I'm not. faaar away not!
So the happiest time will be when the October starts...

And last - I think something good is going to happen. Something that will change that way of life. I'm waiting. I'm ready.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It happend

I think, he is not mine anymore...

Good Morning

Post till bed time

Life is just like that picture. It's scratchy and dangerous, sometimes cold. But there is always something little but very important - cosy and colourful, beautiful and calm.
When flower of love and happiness will grow on my wired way?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Through the days..

Hah) I've just remembered my old photos.
For the last few days, I'm just remembering some experience in my life and got nothing new...I'm waiting for splash...)

No....please God say no....

Something is happening....maybe I reed between the letters, but something is WRONG!!

Please God...say no....everything is ok...and I'm just in Panic...please...I can't take this...say no....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Always smiley eyes. Smile on lips. Good mood. kindness
But anyone cares what is inside of wounded soul. nothing. pure. deep deep hole in heart....

By the way

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I'd love to have a chat with all of you!



Feel lonely....Something is going to happened. Something bad...
I hope not...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Modern Little Life

What is it about? Nothing..absolutely nothing...why?

We live absolutely unnecessary life. It doesn't worth it...sometimes!

I want to be a part of fashion life...for some period. just to understand feel that life, to be spoiled and told about...
Stupid little wish?...


Closer to the sun
Touch the sky of love
My sinner place is fallen
But heart is never stolen...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Remember the time?

Don't know why, I've remembered a beautiful period of my life. A dancing part.

I always enjoy dancing, moving, jumping and other kinds of activity) But that is special. That is a real period of my life when I were a Russian Champion in hip-hop. And with my crew we reached very high results 3d place from 40, 4th from 19 and so on)

That was awwwwsome!!
When you are on a competition or in a battle, dancing freestyle and thinking of anything, just you, your dance, music beat and nothing else!

I miss that time. I gave up dancing beacause of MSU year ago...and because in my club, trainers become deadly shitty - they thought that we should do everything by ourselfs. That was impossible..we had to buy clothes by ourself and it's reeeeeeally expencive, we had to make a dance by ourself, thought of moves and tricks and so on. And trainers doesn't even help us, only sad that we must win!
So we did. Our club become famous because of us. We did it. We won

I love my crew. Love dance
And hope that I could continue it that year..

Funky Killers! - We will hip and hope that fuck out!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Behind the curtains

Feel like on the scene. But I'm not plaing, I'm just watching it.
Watching a girl, who looks just like me, but not acting like me. That's not who I am!
I just want to step out and scream "I'm not that way!"
But I couldn't...That curtains not letting me go there. I'm trapped. In me. In my deep soul...
That girl is better for someone, but not for closest people.
I want to kill her stupborn and selfish character. I want to ask her why does she doing this, that's not who we are! That's not the way
But I couldn't. She locked me in curtains. And I don't know if I could ever get out. Dissapear...

Friday, September 4, 2009

After break

Oh God...I haven't been here for such a long time!

Well, to start with..In Moscow my blog couldn't work for some reasons. I have called to an Internet company, but they sad they don't know. Well, the thing is - I've done it myself! suck it, bastards!

My best friend came back and we had a great time)) We also met a national TV star) hah, he was sitting in Starbucks. That was quite funny) especcialy when I came in and he was staring at me)
My bf brought me a watches from Paris! Folli Follie oooh damn I love them soo much! Gorgeous

And the last - school start. I have changed school and now I'm " the new one". Hope that I could survive there! But nooo promises))
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